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Saturday, 7 January 2012

May 2011 Review 3

The Surprise of the Year, A Dulwich Fritillary in South London, for the first time since the 1860's. Several turned up on a South London Butterfly Transect, even outnumbering Dark Green and Silver Washed in the final butterfly figures. The Dulwich Fritillary is better known as the Glanville Fritillary, which has been spreading its distribution in Surrey in recent years.

May 2011 Review 2

The Next outing was to Denge Woodland, where Duke of Burgundy, Lady Orchid, White Helleborine, Large Skipper. We then went on to Park Gate Down for the Monkey Orchid, a very rare flower, confined to Kent and Oxfordshire.

May 2011 Review

The first of our reports for May. Oaken Wood was our first real butterfly walk of the year, with Wood White Butterfly, Greater Butterfly Orchid, Speckled Yellow Moth, Grizzled Skipper.