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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Headley Heath, Chobham Common, Railway Journey East, Wimbledon Common

A round up of recent walks. A hot walk was at Headley Heath looking for Purple Emperors. At the chalk bank a few Silver Spotted Skippers were found, a second brood Dingy Skipper was flying with them.

At the top of the chalk valley a Purple Emperor flew past at the high point, Purple Hairstreaks were seen around several Oaks. At the Car Park a Purple Emperor was seen flying around the Treetops.

Wednesday a trip with Greenie to Chobham Common, we both missed the last Sundays walk due to other wildlife commitments. Grayling was found around the hump as usual. Silver Studded Blues were still hanging on on the heather.

We then visited the hillside further west of Denbies Hillside, no Clouded Yellows this time, On the area of White Downs we found areas with lots of Silver Spotted Skippers flying.

Thursday was the Great Railway Journey East, Dorking to Betchworth by train then walk back to Dorking. I started at Betchworth, so had to hang around for an hour, so i visited the area i found last year for Brown Hairstreak, and had sightings around the Blackthorn hedge and treetops. At the lunchstop at Brockham Quarry we had Purple Emperor again, a female Clouded Yellow flew past, after the climb lots of Chalkhill Blues and Silver Spotted Skippers on the Dukes slopes.

Sunday was Wimbledon Common walk, Purple Hairstreaks were down on the paths and feeding. Holly Blue was also photographed. After the walk had finished a few of us stayed on and found Ringlet and Small Copper.

A quick stop for lunch at Hutchinsons Bank, we added Marbled White, Small Skipper and Chalkhill Blue to the days sightings. A male Oak Egger moth was flying around the cutting, but we never found where the female was calling, but it must have been nearby.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Ashtead Common and Hutchinsons Bank Open Day

Thursdays walk on Ashtead Common was good for Purple Emperor, no trouble finding the females egglaying on the lower slopes. A few female Silver Washed Fritilllaries were also seen.

A male Speckled Wood was sunning itself on the edge of a track.

Sundays Hutchinsons Bank Open Day, was warm with some sunshine. Just before 11am i was looking for Hummingbird Hawk caterpillars, but disturbed a male Clouded Yellow, the first seen on site this year.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bookham Common Purple Emperor

The Butterfly Conservation walk today at Bookham Common well attended by about 40 people, not many butterflies around, but White Admiral, Purple Hairstreak and Silver Washed Fritillary were all seen. At the Master trees, 2 Purple Emperors were seen flying around the treetops.

Later on 2 White Admirals were on the ground.

A female Red Admiral was looking close at the stinging nettles.