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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Hutchinsons Bank and Vale End

Hutchinsons Bank Transect provided a good count.

A Clouded Yellow was seen in the first section.

Along The Cutting the Chalkhill Blues have started to emerge in the scrapes, a pair was seen as well as some spare males. A Second Brood Dingy Skipper was also on the path.

Silver Washed Fritillaries were also seen on the buddleias.

The Vale End walk was well attended with about 40 people.
A deformed female gatekeeper was seen, with Red Mites as well as a damaged right side forewing, it looks like the pupa was damaged on the wing cases as a mark is on both sides and a hole.

Chalkhill Blues were abundant on the chalk slopes, a female Dark Green Fritillary flew past, this year we didnt see Silver Spotted Skipper or Clouded Yellow.

The Walk ended with good sightings of a Surrey Red Kite, and the usual tea and cakes.